Final Fantasy 16’s Eikon Abilities Shown Off by Director and Combat Director in New Video

Final Fantasy 16’s director and combat director have revealed details about some of the game’s Eikon Abilities in a new video.

As part of an IGN First preview, Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai and combat director Ryota Suzuki talk about some of the Eikon abilities players will have access to when they play the upcoming RPG later this month.

The video revolves around the abilities protagonist Clive can get access to after tapping into the powers of some of the Eikons in the game. These abilities can be customised by players to further emphasise their own style of play, and Final Fantasy 16 also seems to offer a free way to respec the abilities.

The video shows off a number of abilities in action, including how they work, and their utility in combat from a host of different Eikons.

Phoenix’s Eikon abilities include Rising Flames, Heatwave and Flames of Rebirth. From Garuda, we get to see Rook’s Gambit, and Aerial Blast. The duo then shows off Ramuh’s Eikon abilities, which include Lightning Rod, and Judgment Bolt. Then we get to look at Titan’s abilities, which include Raging Fists, Windup, and Earthen Fury.

Takai and Suzuki also state that, while they have shown off these abilities, upgrading them will also unveil hidden special features that players can look forward to discovering. Detailed information about every ability can also be checked out in the ability screen.

Final Fantasy 16 is coming to PS5 on June 22. For more details, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming RPG.