Pikmin 4 Trailer Reveals New Story Details, Character Creation

As a recruit that must rescue the Rescue Corps, you can use different hairstyles, skin tones, eyes and more to create your character.

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pikmin 4, revealing details about the story. It starts with Captain Olimar from the previous games crashing and sending out a distress beacon. The Rescue Corps, who answers his call, also crash, so now they need rescuing. Who’s up for the task? You, of course.

As the newest recruit, players can customize their character with different hairstyles, eyes, skin tones and more. Not much else is revealed, but pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop, with the title costing $59.99 physically and digitally.

Pikmin 4 is available on July 21st for Nintendo Switch. Based on the recent gameplay trailer, players will command Pikmin once more to perform different functions, from collecting treasure (like large binoculars) to fighting enemies. Oatchi is also on hand to serve as a mount across the water, battle creatures and even sniff out any castaways.