ARK and ADE releases today


Beyond Frames Entertainment, an XR dedicated Publisher, and Castello Inc (the Italian three-person indie studio’s debut title) today announced the release date for the full release of ARK and ADE, coming to Meta Quest store and SteamVR March 2, 2023.

ARK and ADE is an action-jammed arcade FPS shooter flirting with pop cultural references fresh out of the 80s and 90s, wrapped up in a neon-fused setting. Players get to shoot through retro-futuristic levels filled with enemies, iconic over-the-top bosses, and never-ending bullets while collecting secrets and trophies. An array of features such as a variation of weapons, bullet time, shield, and dual-wielding weapons completes the arsenal.

With the full release, the game sees a number of updates such as new bosses, achievements and challenges, additional content, and game modes for the enjoyment of players new and old.

Protect ARK at all costs and help fight back against the AI threat.

ARK and ADE will be available March 2, 2023 in its full release at $9.99 and features:

  • Three game modes: Endless, Arena and Arcade
  • Choose between free locomotion and teleport movement
  • Gorgeous aesthetics – play the insides of an arcade cabinet
  • Difficulty settings fit both beginner and hardcore players
  • Detailed statistics and dozens of achievements and secrets
  • Compatible with bHaptics, ProTube VR and Liv

ARK and ADE on Meta Quest Store:

ARK and ADE for SteamVR: