Honkai: Star Rail – Silver Wolf’s Abilities and Ultimate Detailed

The five-star Quantum user can inflict Weakness on a target matching a party member’s Attack type and even cause random “bugs.”

miHoYo’s Honkai: Star Rail gets its first content update tomorrow, adding three new characters, new content and limited-time events. One of the new characters is Silver Wolf, a hacker, Stellaron Hunter and a five-star Quantum user who appeared in the prologue. Players can roll for her, and a new post outlines her kit.

Her Basic Attack is standard, as Silver Wolf deals Quantum damage to a single target. “Allow Changes?” is her Skill, which deals Quantum damage and a chance to inflict a Weakness on a single target corresponding to a party member’s Attack Type for a few turns. Though only one Weakness is allowed at a time, it also has a chance to reduce all resistances on the target.

Silver Wolf’s Ultimate, “User Banned,” deals Quantum damage and has a high chance of reducing a target’s defense for a few turns. Finally, her Talent, “Awaiting System Response,” can create a “bug” with every attack. These bugs include Attack reduction, Defense reduction and Speed reduction, which last for a few turns.

Overall, Silver Wolf is strong for debuffing targets and working around enemy resistance. Version 1.1, “Galactic Roaming,” is out tomorrow, so stay tuned for more details on its content.