Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – “Each Character’s Destiny” Will be Key to the Story, Dev Says

Story and scenario lead Kazushige Nojima offers the latest in a series of developer comments on the upcoming sequel.

Final Fantasy 16 might be right around the corner, but Square Enix has another major instalment in the series also currently in the pipeline. The company has recently been sharing a new quote from members of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s development team each day, and a third comment has now been shared via Twitter.

This one comes from story and scenario lead Kazushige Nojima, who briefly touches upon the question of what players can look forward to from the upcoming RPG sequel’s story. Nojima says, “Players will witness a chain of narrative developments that lie at the very heart of the Final Fantasy 7 story while discovering each character’s destiny.”

Though a vague statement, it is the third that Square Enix has shared in recent days, with director Naoki Hamaguchi previously having touched on the game’s “wide and multifaceted world”, which will offer players “a high degree of freedom”. Prior to that, producer Yoshinori Kitase said that the title’s development was going “according to plan”, as the Square Enix was “working on nailing down a release date.”

Interestingly, the seventh update will fall on June 8, coinciding with Summer Game Fest. Might Square Enix be building up to a new trailer?

A recent report has also claimed that Final Fantasy 16’s pre-orders are tracking below internal expectations, which has led to Square Enix deciding to ramp up marketing for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth earlier than anticipated.