Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Showcases Liquid Flame Boss Battle

The seven-minute gameplay video sees Clive and Torgal taking on the boss, which can transform into different flame creatures.

Final Fantasy 16 is a few short weeks away, but the gameplay is still rolling in. The latest video, courtesy of IGN, sees Clive battling Liquid Flame, a powerful boss that can change its form. He’s with Shiva, who uses her ice to block the surrounding lava, but it’s up to him (and Torgal) to take down the boss.

Liquid Flame spends a good chunk of time slamming down continuously, which means fancy dodging is required. Eventually, it will transform, first into a flying demon that spews jets of fire and then into a beast which dashes at Clive. When it’s near death, it can split into multiple flying demons and beasts for even more chaos.

The gameplay does give us a look at Clive’s “rage” form, which allows for additional damage. Hopefully, we’ll try it ourselves when the demo goes live roughly two weeks before launch. Square Enix didn’t provide a release date, but a listing was spotted on PlayStation Network, so it could be soon.

Final Fantasy 16 launches on June 22nd for PS5, though a PC version is coming sometime after launch.