Everybody 1-2-Switch! Announced for Nintendo Switch, Launches June 30th

The local multiplayer game is available to pre-order on the eShop for $29.99, and appears to be the rumored sequel to 1-2-Switch.

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced Everybody 1-2-Switch! It launches on June 30th for Nintendo Switch, and like 1-2-Switch, it’s a local multiplayer game meant for parties. You can pre-order it now on the Nintendo eShop for $29.99.

Oddly enough, Nintendo didn’t specify which games are included (aside from some that feature balloons and aliens). Some of them have variations with rule changes and additional challenges, so there’s that. It weighs 3.3 GB and supports both Joy-Con controllers and other smart devices.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the rumored sequel to 1-2-Switch (called Everybody’s 1-2-Switch) that was in development limbo. It was meant for up to 100 players and involved using phones. Even the anthropomorphized horse, who serves as the host, has carried over. So what’s the problem?

The response from playtesters was reportedly “overwhelmingly negative,” to the extent that even families and kids, the alleged target audience, called it “boring” and its games “tedious.” Time will tell how it’s changed, so stay tuned for more details.