Silent Hill 2 Remake and Townfall Trailers Potentially Coming Later Today

A prominent insider seems to be suggesting that Konami will be showing off new trailers for the upcoming titles very soon.

It’s been several months since Konami announced multiple new Silent Hill games, making the series’ long-awaited comeback official, and with fans beginning to get anxious about when new updates on those titles will arrive, it seems like the company could be gearing up to showcase new trailers very soon.

Recently, prominent insider Dusk Golem claimed that new trailers for two of the games – Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 Remake and No Code and Annapurna Interactive’s Silent Hill: Townfall – would be arriving as soon as before the end of this month, and the leaker has now taken to Twitter with a cryptic tease that seems to follow up on that.

Saying “that hill sure is pretty silent right now”, the tease, which was published earlier in the day, begins with a pretty obvious reference to Konami’s survival horror series, before going on to suggest that new updates on the franchise will be arriving in less than half a day’s time.

As mentioned, the leaker previously claimed that new trailers would be unveiled for Silent Hill 2 Remake and Silent Hill: Townfall– series fans will be hoping that in addition to showing gameplay footage for both, Konami also announces release dates or windows, and confirms which platforms the latter in particular will be launching for.

It remains to be seen how long it’ll be before Konami provides an update on the next mainline game in the series, Silent Hill f, or announces other Silent Hill titles, such as the frequently-leaked Silent Hill: The Short Message, or the other unannounced games that are rumoured to be in development.