Devolver Direct Details Coming Later This Week

Devolver Digital’s yearly showcase returns with a tweet teasing a new game and how it’s “time to give gamers a big hand.”

Devolver Digital previously confirmed that the yearly Devolver Direct returns in June. Additional details are coming later this week, per the publisher’s latest tweet, which added, “It’s time to give gamers a big hand.” A shadowy image with what appears to be a mouse with legs, a hat and a waving hand can be seen.

The publisher does have a lot on its plate for this year, like The Plucky Squire, Anger Foot, Pepper Grinder, Gunbrella, Wizard With a Gun, and The Talos Principle 2. Release dates for one or more of these titles may be revealed. There’s also Neva, Nomada Studio’s next game that debuted at the PlayStation Showcase but is scheduled for release next year. Perhaps some brief gameplay will be revealed.

Of course, the publisher could also reveal some brand new titles (the tweeted image could be one such project) while packing in its signature surreal humor. Stay tuned for more details on Devolver Direct’s date and timing later this week.