Phantom Blade Zero is a New Upcoming Action RPG That Blends Steampunk and Martial Arts

Phantom Blade Zero will boast fast-paced combat in a world that blends martial arts with steampunk aesthetics.

It’s always exciting to see announcements for new games in established franchises, but nothing quite beats the intrigue of a completely new IP with a fresh idea. At the PlayStation Showcase, developer S-Game took the spotlight to show off precisely that.

Phantom Blade Zero is an upcoming action RPG that will combine its dark and fantasy aesthetic with a setting feature steampunk elements, with a combat system that’ll focus on martial arts and fast, frantic attacks.

The game’s announcement trailer is quite a lengthy one, and offers plenty of glimpses at its world and characters, while also showing off quite a big of the combat, boasting enemies of all shapes and sizes and a variety of weapons. Meanwhile, outside of combat, it seems to be putting quite a bit of emphasis on quick, parkour-based movement and traversal abilities. Check it out below.

Phantom Blade Zero has been announced for PS5 and PC.