PlayStation Games Coming to PC 2-3 Years After Release is Acceptable – Jim Ryan

According to Jim Ryan, it might still be a few years before we see God of War Ragnarok come to PC.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has stated that Sony will be sticking to its strategy of bringing PlayStation-exclusive titles to PC a few years after their original release. Speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu, Ryan stated that releasing PS5 games to PC two or three years after the game’s original release has been working well for the company.

“We also fully understand the importance of PS5 exclusive titles,” said Ryan, according to IGN. “As I mentioned earlier, PlayStation Studios’ main responsibility is to make games for the latest PlayStation hardware that players will enjoy. We are increasing the number of PS5 exclusive games, and staggering the release of the PC versions.”

“I often have the opportunity to ask game fans for their opinions, and when I ask them how they feel about the time lag, they often say they feel the release of a PC version two or three years after the release of the PlayStation version is acceptable,” Ryan continued.

While this means that we could some day see titles like Bloodborne and the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls make their way on to PC, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing more recent releases like God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West come to PCs for at least another year.

While Sony has been quite diligent in bringing its PlayStation-exclusive titles to PC, the company has revealed a spotty track record when it comes to the PC performance of some of its games. While titles like Returnal, God of War and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection performed well on PC, other titles like the more recent The Last of Us Part 1 had severe performance issues, including crashes.