Project Leonardo Renamed to Access Controller for PS5 Console, New Details and Images Revealed

The accessibility controller features various analog stick caps, button caps and options for button mapping and control profiles.

Earlier this year, Sony announced Project Leonardo, an accessibility controller for the PS5. It’s now revealed the official name – Access Controller for PS5 Console. Several new images have been revealed, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog. Check them out below.

The Access Controller features analog stick caps (of the standard, dome and ball stick cap variety) and various button caps. There are pillow, flat, wide flat (covering two button sockets), overhang (for players with smaller hands), and curve button caps (to push or pull when placed at the top or bottom). You can also swap tags for button caps to indicate the corresponding inputs for buttons.

The Access Controller is usable on flat surfaces and secured via an AMPS mount or tripod. It can also be oriented 360 degrees while adjusting the analog stick’s distance from the controller. There are also four 3.5mm AUX ports and support for specialty buttons, switches and analog sticks.

It’s also possible to pair the controller with the DualSense and use both together. You can connect two Access Controllers and a DualSense or DualSense Edge as one virtual controller. Deadzones and stick sensitivity can be adjusted accordingly.

The Access Controller’s UI features various customization options, from button mapping and control profiles to preferred orientation, turning buttons on or off, mapping inputs to different buttons (or two inputs to the same button), and more. There’s also a Toggle mode – pressing a button for the same will enable automatic functions, like accelerating in Gran Turismo 7 without holding R2.

You can also configure certain functions to activate when clicking instead of holding the button – like pressing L3 to enable sprint instead of holding it down. PlayStation has also released a video showcasing its efforts for accessibility on PS5. Check it out below. The Access Controller will receive more details on its release in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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