Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Operation Dread Factor Releases May 30,

New Content, Consulate Rework Gameplay Revealed

Ubisoft is set to deliver Rainbow Six Siege’s latest major content drop with Year 8 Season 2! Called Operation Dread Factor, the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 release date is set for May 30 on all platforms.

Not only are we getting a new operator in Fenrir, but there’s also a Consulate map rework, new improvements and more. Thanks to Ubisoft, MP1st was invited to check out and play Operation Dread Factor ahead of its roll out. Check out gameplay footage of the Consulate map rework alongside info on what’s incoming in R6 Siege Y8S2!

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Operation Dread Factor New Content:

Release Date: May 30

Consulate Map Rework – The map rework for Consulate completely rebuilds the experience for players, transforming all floors and sites to make it more balanced, complex, and rewarding to play. The changes to Attacker spawns aim to reduce frustration and increase safety, so there are less vulnerable locations outdoors and Attackers can more easily make it from the spawn location to the building. The reworked Consulate map brings variety with each match, inspiring players to develop new tactics to master their approach.

Shooting Range Improvements – Aiming Lane being introduced in Y8S2. This new lane allows you to master any weapon with customized training including several target types, movement speeds, distances and more. Another thing incoming in the title update is a breakable wall that lets players test the destruction damage of different weapons.

New Permanent Playlist – In Y8S2, a new permanent playlist will let players hop into Arcade modes for quick matches. Returning game modes include: Headshots Only, Snipers Only, Golden Gun and Deathmatch. Players can also expect a new game Free for All game mode to be added as well.

New Gadget “Observation Blocker” – Dropping in Y8S2 Operation Dread Factor is the Observation Blocker. This intel denial gadget projects a digital barrier blocking the line of sight of opponent drones and Observation Tools so they cannot spot Operators and devices on the other side. This barrier is only visible from a drone or an Observation Tool and will not be visible to Operators.

Balancing Updates – This season introduces the first part of balancing for Grim and aims to improve his gadget, the Kawan Hive Launcher: letting his Hives release their swarm charge faster and increasing the chance of it catching a nearby Defender. The swarms are now bigger and stay for a longer duration, but they track a Defender for less time after they step out of the swarm

New Controller Layouts – In Y8S2, new controller layouts with alternate inputs for shooting, crouching, and leaning will be added to help make the game more accessible to everyone.

Free Camera in Match Replay – This will allow players to use a free camera while watching replays, and will let players view recorded view and create content from any angle.

Don’t forget, Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Operation Dread Factor launches this May 30! Once the patch is live, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.