F1 23’s New Gameplay Features Showcased in Episode 1 of Deep Dive Series

Check out the new gameplay features coming to F1 23 in the game’s first deep dive video.

Publisher EA Sports and developer Codemasters have released a new video for F1 23, presenting a comprehensive deep dive into the upcoming racing title’s gameplay. The video, which is just episode 1 of F1 23‘s deep dives, can be seen below.

The video goes through quite a few new gameplay features coming to F1 23, including new physics handling, new controller options, the new Red Flag feature, and the addition of two new tracks to the game.

Changes to F1 23‘s physics model means that players will feel the difference in how their cars control in three key areas: acceleration, braking, and rotation. The studio used feedback from real F1 drivers like Anthony Davidson in designing the new handling model for the game.

Players that use regular controllers for F1 23 will be able to make use of the new Precision Drive Technology, which allows players to calibrate and change settings around to affect how their cars will control in incredibly fine detail. This also includes being able to edit how much feedback players will feel through their controller’s vibration.

Players can now also use the new 35% Race Distance feature to make races play out in a smaller amount of time, but still retain key aspects of realism that the franchise is known for. This allows players to cut races down from real-life lengths of between 44 to 78 laps down to a more convenient and fast-paced number of laps.

The Red Flags system coming to F1 23 monitors track conditions to determine whether a virtual safety car, a full safety car, or a red flag needs to be deployed. The sensitivity of the new feature can be adjusted in the game’s settings.

Red flags can be triggered in a number of ways, such as debris on the track, cars stopping on the track, and extreme weather conditions. The video notes that while AI cars can trigger red flags, the frequency of red flags will be higher in multiplayer races.

Finally, the video reveals that the Las Vegas and Qatar race tracks will be coming to the game, with the Las Vegas course being the first time even real F1 drivers can check out the track. Fan favourite circuits like Shanghai and Paul Ricard will also be returning in F1 23.

The video ends by revealing that episode 2 of the deep dive series of videos will be coming out on May 19.

F1 23 is slated for release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on June 16. . The PS5 version of the game will not support the PSVR2.