Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch Delayed to November 14th

Though there wasn’t a reason for the delay, the development team’s “top priority” is creating the best possible experience.

Following the launch of Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One and PS4, Portkey Games and Avalanche Software have announced a delay to the Nintendo Switch version. Instead of July 25th, it’s now releasing on November 14th.

In a recent tweet, the development team said creating the best possible experience is its “top priority.” It didn’t offer any other reason for the delay. Nevertheless, given the size and scale of the title, in addition to its graphical fidelity, it makes sense to take more time to optimize it for the Switch’s hardware. It also makes sense to release in the Fall, which is usually quite lucrative due to its proximity to the holiday season.

Along with previous-gen consoles, Hogwarts Legacy is available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s sold over 15 million copies so far and generated over $1 billion in revenue for WB Games.