DOOM Re-Release Gets Base Ganymede Add-On for Free

The megawad offers 27 new levels for all skill levels and supports co-op and multiplayer. Originally released in 2009, it spans three episodes.

If you own the enhanced versions of DOOM and DOOM 2 which released in 2019, good news. The first game has received Base Ganymede for free, adding 27 new levels which accommodate all skill levels. It’s available now on all platforms with co-op and multiplayer support.

Developed by Adam Woodmansey, Base Ganymede was released in 2009 and spans three episodes. The megawad received positive reviews and was even one of the winners in the 19th Annual Cacowards.

Base Ganymede is only one of many add-ons to be officially added to the re-releases of DOOM and DOOM 2. Others include Harmony, Anomaly Report, Doom Zero, Sigil (from John Romero, who worked on the original game) and much more. id Software’s Final Doom was also made available for free.

Stay tuned for more details on official add-ons and updates to the re-releases. Alternatively, you can check out DOOM 2 RPG, recently ported to PC.