Quantum Error is Not a Cross-Gen Game, Releasing Later on Xbox Series X/S and PS4

TeamKill Media clarified that the upcoming cosmic horror shooter has been “developed specifically for the PS5” since the start.

TeamKill Media’s Unreal Engine 5-developed Quantum Error doesn’t have a release date yet, despite being announced in 2020. There haven’t been too many updates on that front, though there seems to be some confusion about its platforms.

While Quantum Error is coming to PS4 in addition to current-gen consoles, the developer clarified that it’s not a cross-gen title. “From the beginning, this game has been developed specifically for the PS5. What we are doing with Quantum Error on PS5 is not possible on the PS4.”

It will thus launch on PS5 first, then Xbox Series X/S, while a “downgraded” version will arrive even later for PS4. The latter will ensure that “everyone who doesn’t yet have a next-gen console can still enjoy the story and gameplay of Quantum Error.”

What about performance on the Xbox Series X? While it’s not sure yet, “What we have seen on the Series X is that performance tends to be a bit lower by default, and we will have to spend extra time to optimize for it.” How it performs on Xbox Series S, or even on PS4, remains to be revealed, but TeamKill Media has assured that the PS5 version will hit 4K/60 FPS.

Stay tuned for more updates on Quantum Error, and check out some of the latest gameplay here. The developer recently confirmed a third-person mode and New Game Plus at launch.