Saints Row – The Heist and The Hazardous DLC is Out Now

The paid DLC adds new campaign missions, Kaijuice wingsuit events, the Pain and Gain weapon, cosmetics, a new helicopter, and more.

Volition’s Saints Row has released its first paid DLC, The Heist and The Hazardous. While the new district, Sunshine Springs, is available for all players, the DLC adds new story missions that support two players. Check out the release trailer below.

There are three new campaign missions and events revolving around the Kaijuice wingsuit. You can also unlock a new weapon, Pain and Gain; four new designs for the wingsuit; a Drone collectible for the base; and 18 new cosmetics, including new heist outfits. The MDI-815A helicopter is also available as a new vehicle.

The Sunshine Springs update also revamps combat, reducing the HP of all enemies and the frequency of their dodging. Various changes to the HUD and UI have also been made, and you now have an Emote Wheel to assign up to eight emotes at once. Head here for more details.

Saints Row is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.