Overwatch 2 – Starwatch: Galactic Rescue Event is Now Available

Available until May 22nd, players can ally with the Watchers or the Infinite Empire in the new free PvP/PvE hybrid event.

Overwatch 2’s newest event brings the space-themed cosmetics full circle with Starwatch (or Starwatch: Galactic Rescue, as it’s officially known). The PvE/PvP event is live for all players and sees the Watchers battling the tyrannical Infinite Empire. A new motion comic is available with more lore. Check it out below.

In-game, Starwatch sees two teams, the Watchers led by Bonebreaker and the Infinite Empire helmed by the Galactic Emperor, battling it out. Of course, you can also queue as a Mercenary and get into either side. The map is Horizon Lunar Colony, now the Infinite Galactrius, and the Watchers must capture four points to win.

The Infinite Empire will try to stop them using turrets and Gravity Implosion Barrels. Teammates can be revived when downed, and gravity shuts off at the final point. In a neat twist, whichever side wins the event will determine the galaxy’s fate in a follow-up comic.

As for in-game rewards, players can unlock Wrecking Ball’s Asteroid Epic skin and garner 50,000 XP from its Challenges. Limited-time bundles for each character’s cosmetics will also be available. Starwatch: Galactic Rescue is available until May 22.