Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – EA Investigating Disappearing Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Items

Several workarounds are available, though they only seem to work temporarily, as players report the items missing again later.

Performance has improved for Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor following its latest patch, but there are still some bugs. One such issue affects pre-order and Deluxe Edition items, causing them to disappear, seemingly at random.

Electronic Arts confirmed investigating the issue and recommended players repair their game files. It also provided some workarounds, like unchecking the items on Steam, starting the game, quitting and re-enabling it, which should make it appear again. On Xbox Series X/S, players should sign out, restart the console and sign back in.

PS5 users can choose to Restore Licenses, which is available in the Other menu of Users and Accounts. After this, they can download the items again. While these seem to fix the issue, some Reddit users have reported the items disappearing again later. Time will tell when a fix is available, so stay tuned.