Darkest Dungeon 2 Exits Early Access, Now Available on PC

The sequel to Red Hook’s classic dungeon-crawler is a rogue-lite title with branching paths. It’s on the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon 2, the follow-up to its successful dungeon-crawling RPG, is now available. It exits early access on the Epic Games Store for PC and is also available for Steam players. The latter can even get it for a discount if they own the first game.

Unlike its predecessor, Darkest Dungeon 2 is a rogue-lite title. Boarding the stagecoach and navigating it through multiple regions, you must battle various enemy factions while deciding the best path. Combat is also revamped, with Tokens representing statuses, effects and damage increases. Don’t worry – your party can still suffer from Stress and even grow to like or hate each other.

It’s also coming to consoles at a later date, and the developer is committed to free updates and mod support. Stay tuned in the coming months for updates.