Avalanche Software’s Eric Brown has suggested that DLC announcements are being held back so as not to “short-change” those who don’t have access to the game yet.​

Hogwarts Legacy has been a massive commercial success for WB Games, having sold over 12 million copies within 2 weeks of launch, raking in over $850 million in revenue. There’s little doubt that the publisher will already have plans in place to further invest in the IP in the future- and while those plans would likely entail sequels in the long-term, in the here and now, there’s no shortage of people who’re wondering whether Hogwarts Legacy itself is going to receive post-launch DLC as well.

Recently, game director Alan Tew said that developer Avalanche Software has “no current plans” for Hogwarts Legacy expansions, but interestingly, that might not necessarily be an outright confirmation of there being no plans for the same whatsoever.

Taking recently to Twitter, Avalanche Software’s Lead StoryTech Engineer Eric Brown spoke about Tew’s aforementioned comment, and suggested that the reason no DLC plans have yet been officially announced is that the game hasn’t arrived on all platforms that it’s supposed to launch for, potentially implying that post-launch plans could be unveiled once it becomes available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

“A better way to frame Alan’s response to the DLC question is to remember that we’ve only launched on half of our SKUs so far,” Brown wrote. “There are people out there who still don’t have a game in their hands yet, and we don’t want to short-change those folks.”

With Hogwarts Legacy set to launch for PS4 and Xbox One in April, and for Nintendo Switch in July, it’ll still be a while before the game is available on all the platforms it has been officially announced for- which means it might be several more months yet before WB Games is ready to share DLC plans for the open world action RPG (if there are any in place, that is).

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.