Grindstone is out on Xbox Series X|S: Top Five Survival Tips for Stonegrinders

Hello, I’m Farah, Producer at Capybara Games. Gear up Stonegrinders, the world of Grindstone is out now on Xbox Series X|S – I’ve got a handful of hot tips to make your trip up Grindstone Mountain into a slaying good time!

Tip 1: Bigger Chains = More Grindstones

In Grindstone, players need to create murderous chains by linking together like-coloured monsters we call Creeps and Jerks. Movement equals murder in Grindstone: the bigger the chain, the harder Jorj hits! Slice through a chain of ten Creeps and a shiny, luscious Grindstone will pop outGrindstones are used to buy new weapons and gear so you’ll need to be greedy and grab as many as you can! What happens if you slay through a chain of 20 Creeps? 30? 40? Bigger Grindstones!  

Grindstone level screenshot

Tip 2: Know Your Enemies

It can be tempting to go in swords unsheathed, but my advice is to study your enemies well! Some throw mean punches, others toss deadly spears or even spit fire. To know who does whatyou can press the left trigger or left bumper to see the Damage Preview for all aggro Creeps and JerksThat will show you everywhere you don’t want to be when these guys attack!  But you don’t always want to avoid these dangerous enemies. You can use Jerks in your chain to switch up Creep colours and make even bigger chains that will spit out some big honkin’ Grindstones. And that’s not all, you can sometimes get Jerks to do some heavy lifting for you by attacking nearby obstacles.

Grindstone screenshot

Tip 3: Use Level Cards as a Shopping List

If you ever find yourself running low on resources, we’ve got you covered. You can preview what each Grindstone level has to offer by checking the icons on a level card before hopping in. It’s like going shopping, but with violence! Some resources can only be found in certain biomes or from killing particular enemies as you make your way up Grindstone Mountain. Need just one more bonedust to craft that gnarly Bone Shard Shield? Check the level card to find out what level has what you need!

Grindstone screenshot

Tip 4: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

You might be tempted to run out of a level as soon as you’ve completed the goal and the door opens. Afterall, you’ll be looking at a pack of aggro Creeps and Jerks who want a taste of your blood. But leaving completed levels is for rookies! In Grindstone, just because you can leave doesn’t mean you’ll want to! Beefy treasure chests drop onto the board and tempt you with juicy loot, hard-to-find resources and the ultimate prize: Blueprints that let you craft brand new weapons and gear! So, make sure to grab the key from whichever Creep is hoarding it and snatch up the chest before GTFO. 

Tip 5: Your Mama was Right, Eat Your Greens!

This is probably my favourite life-saving tip. What’s the catch you ask? No catch, but the currency to grab these treats is slaying…Creep kills. Will you be able to enjoy these snacks with those blood covered hands? Anywho, pop your favourite snack in the lunchbox before heading back out to battle. The “Eat Your Greens” snack wipes out your entire board of Creeps and replaces them with green Creeps. Use that to make some huge chains and wipe out some tough Jerks or bosses.

Grindstone screenshot

Make sure to stop by the Carnival of Creeps to rack up some Carnival Tickets and spin the Wheel for some good stuff! Grindstone is out now on Xbox. Have fun Stonegrinders!