Journalist Jeff Grubb says the rumoured upcoming PlayStation Showcase will be a “massive” event, and was originally scheduled for last Fall.​

Earlier this month, journalist Jeff Grubb claimed that Sony would be holding a State of Play presentation in February and a PlayStation Showcase around E3 time, with the company’s biggest reveals and announcements supposedly being held back for the latter. Of course, the State of Play presentation has now happened, lending further credence to the details of a larger showcase- but what exactly should fans expect from it?

Apparently, quite a bit. Speaking recently during his Game Mess Decides podcast, Grubb said that the upcoming PlayStation Showcase will be a “massive” event and will be used by Sony to “set up the second phase of the PlayStation 5”, with a number of major first party reveals and updates allegedly planned for the show.

Interestingly, as per Grubb, the showcase was originally set to happen last Fall, but it kept getting pushed back because “developers weren’t ready”. Now, it is scheduled for shortly before E3, though a specific date doesn’t seem to be nailed down yet (which makes sense, given the fact that we’re not even done with February just yet).

What exactly Sony’s plans for the event will entail remains to be seen. Currently, the company has two major upcoming first part games that have been officially announced, both of them from Insomniac, with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (which is due out this Fall) and Marvel’s Wolverine (which is allegedly targeting a Fall 2024 release). Meanwhile, Naughty Dog is also confirmed to be working on a standalone multiplayer The Last of Us game, for which new details are set to arrive later in the year.