Atomic Heart – First DLC Teased, Out This Summer

The new teaser trailer showcases curiously connected facilities, one of the “many undiscovered places” in Facility 3826.

In addition to post-launch support and updates for Atomic Heart, Mundfish is also working on paid DLC. Four DLC packs are in development, and a new teaser is available, showcasing the location of the first. Check it out below.

Teasing that Facility 3826 has “many undiscovered places,” the location appears to be a new nature-focused biome with different pods containing greenhouses. These connect via walkways that extend up, with a large water body below it all. It can either look snazzy or precious, depending on high you are.

Mundfish didn’t offer any details but previously said that the DLC would add “new territories, quests, puzzles, enemies, as well as character and world stories.” There will also be “new complexes and labs” with challenges to complete. Time will tell how this location factors in.

Atomic Heart’s first DLC launches this Summer, and is included with the Gold Edition ($89.99) and Premium Edition ($99.99). The base game is out now for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. It’s had over five million players and exceeded the expectations of publisher Focus Entertainment.