Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 Receives New Trailer Showcasing Rewards

New Legendary sets and weapons, including the Legendary scout rifle Taraxippos, can be earned when the event goes live today.

The first trailer for Guardian Games 2023, Destiny 2’s annual class-based competition, is now available. Going live later today, it sees Hunters, Titans and Warlocks competing for supremacy. As in, they have to compete in the Crucible mode Supremacy.

The twist is that Supremacy is class-based. Hunters match with Hunters, Titans with Titans, and so on. Of course, you’re also competing against other classes in the Strike playlist to earn Medallions. Earn enough, and you can unlock The Title, a returning Void SMG, and Taraxippos, a Strand scout rifle. The latter can roll with Hatchling, which sends out Strand Hatchlings on precision kills to attack enemies.

There are also new Legendary sets, a new Exotic emote, a new Event Card for even more rewards, and more. Plenty of cosmetics should also be available for Bright Dust, so if you’ve been saving, now is the time to splurge.