Minecraft Legends Crosses 3 Million Players in Less Than 2 Weeks

The strategy title’s first update is also available, improving performance on Nintendo Switch and matchmaking while fixing crashes.

Blackbird Interactive’s Minecraft Legends may not have earned the most critical praise, but it still did above average . Nevertheless, it is Minecraft-related, and on Game Pass, so it’s no surprise that Mojang has reported over three million players since launch.

The first update is also available, adding several improvements to matchmaking. The timer for starting a matchmade game is ten seconds instead of 60, and matches start “much faster” when a public lobby has six players. Magma Cubes also won’t spam annoying audio when hitting other units.

Other fixes are available for crashes during gameplay, when the game launches, when the Campaign starts, and more. Nintendo Switch players can also rejoice because input latency and the speed of world loading have been improved, on top of other performance improvements. Check out the full patch notes below.

Minecraft Legends is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Legends – Update 1.17.28951
Matchmaking Improvements
Added the ability to invite friends to a lobby to join the same team before finding other players in matchmaking (MCLG-11)
Lowered the timer to start a matchmaking game from 60 seconds to 10 seconds. Matches now start much faster once at least six players have joined a public lobby
The timer will still be 60 seconds in some matches until all platforms have received the update
Performance and Stability
Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game
Fixed a crash that could occur when starting Campaign
Fixed a crash that could occur when mobs were directed by a player when attacking the Nether Beacon Base
Fixed piglins spawning from piglin launcher crates before the crate hit the ground
Fixed magma cubes causing audio spam when colliding with units
Nintendo Switch Performance
Improved input latency
Made several performance improvements for a smoother gameplay experience
Improved world loading speed, especially around piglin bases
Fixed a crash when loading into co-op Campaign
Made several improvements to text wrapping with Arabic and Hebrew localization
Japanese Localization
The button to enter the game is now the O button on PlayStation
Fixed translation of “Orange Team” on several screens
Fixed translation of “Log” in the Versus Mode lobby
Fixed translation “Beak’s Eye View” on the post-game screen
Removed unnecessary text “~007E” from the Private Match description