F1 23 Reveal Set for May 1, Braking Point Seemingly Returning

Story mode Braking Point was introduced in F1 21, and after skipping last year’s game, could be making a return.

Recent reports have claimed that F1 23 would be unveiled soon, and EA and Codemasters have now confirmed that. The process has, in fact, already kicked off, with a tease having been dropped that seems to suggest the return of a fan-favourite mode.

The tease in question is a lengthy video presented in the style of an actual pre-season team reveal, which showcases new team Konnersport Butler Global, and, interestingly enough, confirms Devon Butler as its headline driver.

Butler was the primary antagonist F1 21’s story mode, Braking Point. After making its introducing a couple of years ago, the story mode was missing in last year’s game, though Codemasters confirmed at the time that Braking Point would return at some point in the future.

EA and Codemasters have said that F1 23’s reveal will “begin” on May 1, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks.