Destiny 2 is Bringing Back Guardian Games Cup on May 2

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 is bringing back the class-based Guardian Games Cup competition on May 2.

Bungie has announced that the Guardian Games Cup is making its return to Destiny 2. The in-game event is slated to kick off on May 2, and will take place for three weeks until the end of Season of Defiance. As part of the Guardian Games Cup, Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans will compete to establish that their class is the best.

During the Guardian Games, players will be able to earn medallions for various activities, including a class-based version of PvP mode Supremacy. The event will also bring with it two Guardian Games weapons: Taraxippos and The Title.

Taraxippos is a Strand-based Legendary Scout Rifle, while The Title is a Void-based Submachine Gun making its return with fan-favourite perk Repulsor Brace.

Taking part in the Guardian Games activities will also allow players to unlock a host of new cosmetic rewards, including a new Exotic emote, the Champ title, and new Triumphs. The Event Card for Guardian Games can also be upgraded for 1,000 Silver to unlock additional rewards.

Destiny 2 is currently in the midst of its inaugural season for the Lightfall expansion, Season of Defiance. The next season, titled Season of the Deep, will add new quality of life features, including new options for colourblind players.