The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure Launch for Switch in Japan on August 31

The Crossbell arc duology in Falcom’s long-running RPG series will be available on the Nintendo Switch in Japan this August.

Falcom has been going through older titles in its The Legend of Heroes saga and re-releasing them for modern platforms, which has also gone hand-in-hand with many of them coming to the West for the first time ever, but the next two releases for the franchise will be catered to the Japanese audience.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero and its sequel The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure have both launched in the West in recent months, but in Japan, both games in the Crossbell arc have been available only on the PS4 up till now.

On August 31, however, Nippon Ichi Software will be launching both games for the Nintendo Switch as well, so those looking to continue their journey in Falcom’s long-running saga on Nintendo’s platform will soon be able to do just that. Check out brief new trailers for both releases below.