Diablo 4 – Average Players Will Take 150+ Hours to Hit Level 100, per Associate Director

This is according to Blizzard’s Joseph Piepiora, who previously said it could take “a little longer” than 80 hours based on “how you play.”

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed much about Diablo 4 leading up to its release in June. While the build variety and end-game details sound good, there’s been some slightly contradictory info.

Look no further than the respec cost issue, where Diablo series GM Rod Fergusson first said it would be “too expensive to undo everything” and then how it wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. Associate game director Joseph Piepiora later clarified it would be a “bit expensive.” He’s since clarified that reaching level 100 will take +150 hours for the “average player experience.”

It’s unknown if this refers to someone experiencing all the content without rushing. Previously, Piepiora said it would take “roughly 80 hours” to complete the seasonal Battle Pass and that hitting level 100 “could take a little longer” based on “how you play.” Nearly double the playtime certainly doesn’t sound like a little longer.

Regardless, if this is the final number, then even those who have no interest in future updates can expect a meaty experience at launch. Diablo 4 is out on June 6th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.