Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed – Nikol, Glimmer and Chain Attack Revealed in New Clips

Nikol is a Machinist Defender whose damage pierces enemy defense, while Glimmer is a Healer, recovering allies’ HP on hit.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s final DLC, Future Redeemed, releases on April 25th for Nintendo Switch. The hype train is still going, though, as the official Twitter account shared details (translation via Siliconera) on two new characters – Nikol and Glimmer. Nikol is a Machinist and part of Keves, serving as a Defender and using a custom weapon, Variable Backpack.

Her Talent Art is Total Destruction – when active, it deals damage to enemies that ignores defenses and reduces damage to the party. Glimmer is a Healer whose class seems to be called “Flame Performer.” Her staff is also a musical instrument, with the songs providing buffs to party members. When Roaring Flame Heaven Performance, her Talent Art, hits enemies, allies recover health.

A recent clip also showcased some Chain Attack gameplay, showcasing the TP of characters like Rex and Shulk. The Union Combo, a new double-team attack, can end the Chain Attack and deal massive damage. Stay tuned for more details on the expansion en route to its launch.