Cult of the Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith Update is Out Now

The free content update adds Relics for new powers, Heavy Attacks for all weapon types, new enemies, a post-game story, and more.

Adorably sinister rogue-lite/settlement manager Cult of the Lamb has finally received its first massive content update, Relics of the Old Faith. It adds a new post-game storyline, with a “mysterious otherworldly being” giving players a new task and revamped boss fights. Check out the release trailer below.

You’ll also have new challenges that grant rewards like new Follower forms and abilities. New Relics enhance combat further, though you’ll need to find all 37 first. All weapon types also have Heavy Attacks, which can be upgraded for even more damage. Be careful, as enemies with shields and rivers that move crop up as new challenges.

Other new content includes Permadeath mode, new accessibility options, Boss Rush, a Dungeon Gauntlet, five new structures, boss followers and much more. There are also new quests and a few secret ones to discover.

Cult of the Lamb is available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.