PlayStation Productions Has 10 Projects in the Works Across Film, TV, and Animation

It looks like Sony has a number of film, TV, and animation adaptations of PlayStation properties currently in the pipeline.

Sony’s efforts to expand the presence of PlayStation in entertainment media beyond gaming has borne fruit of late, especially with HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us having been as successful as it was, by nearly every metric. And unsurprisingly, it seems like Sony has every intention to keep that momentum going with more projects in the coming months and years.

In fact, PlayStation Productions has as many as ten different adaptations of PlayStation industries in the works right now. Speaking recently on the Official PlayStation Podcast, PlayStation Productions Asad Qizilbash said that those projects span film and TV, as one might expect, and “a little bit of animation as well.”

Interestingly many of these projects are already known about, either through reports or official confirmation by Sony. A God of War series is in the works at Amazon, while Netflix is working on a Horizon show. Movies based on Gran Turismo and Ghost of Tsushima are also in different stages of production, and a Twisted Metal TV series is also in the works.