Xbox Consoles and Windows Game Bar No Longer Allow Users to Share Screenshots and Clips to Twitter

Xbox users will now have to make use of the Xbox mobile app to share their screenshots and clips to Twitter.

In light of recent changes that have been made to how Twitter’s API works, Microsoft has disabled the screenshot and clip sharing functions on Xbox consoles and the Game Bar on Windows.

While players can still take screenshots and clips and share them to other platforms, the official Xbox Twitter account has revealed that it has just disabled the ability to share them on Twitter.

According to Xbox, however, players can still make use of the Xbox app on Android and iOS to share their screenshots and clips on their platform of choice, including Twitter. The official Xbox Twitter account has also provided a “quick lesson” in how users can share their captures through the Xbox mobile app.

While Microsoft hasn’t officially released any statement for why it has disabled Twitter sharing on its platforms, it is likely due to the change in the pricing structure for Twitter’s API. Where the API used to be free to use, since the changes, companies would have to pay for the Enterprise package, which would cost them over $40,000 every month, according to Wired.