Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed – Ouroboros, Union Combo, New Classes, and More Revealed

Learn more about new characters like Matthew and Ai and their unique abilities before the story expansion’s launch next week.

Monolith Soft and Nintendo surprised Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fans by announcing that the RPG’s story DLC, Future Redeemed, would release next week. Set before the base game’s events, it features a new cast of characters and serves to connect all three games.

Several new details and gameplay clips have been shared on the XenobladeJP Twitter, outlining what players can expect (translations via DeepL). The usual arrangement of Attackers, Defenders and Healers remains. Characters can use Ouroboros Power, stronger than regular Arts, and fuse it with other Arts for more effects.

There’s also the new Union Combo, which sees two characters combining their abilities in one attack. It’s performed by using a Special Move on a “Rising Enemy,” and using Arts will regen Special Moves quicker. You can trigger effects like Smash, Burst or Blow, depending on the characters used. They’ll also get an Awakening Buff, encouraging even more aggression.

We also see a new character, Godou, and his grandchildren, Matthew and Na’el. Matthew is a Martial Artist who uses the Ouroboros Knuckle as an Attacker. His Talent Art is Gigantic Beat, which recovers 50 percent of all Arts cast if it hits. There’s also Ai, a Monado Fencer who wields, well, the Mondao.

She’s an offensive Healer who uses the Talent Art, Vision, to stop attacks on the party or unleash Vanishing End to strike all enemies. Another tweet shows a familiar location that Matthew and his friends are running through.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed launches on April 25th for Nintendo Switch.