PlayStation Showcase is Likely Happening in May – Rumour

Journalist Jeff Grubb says the rumoured PlayStation Showcase is likely set for sometime in May, but could be pushed back into early June.

We’re approaching the time of year where events and showcases come one after the other with major announcements, reveals, and updates, and from the Xbox Games Showcase and Ubisoft Forward to Summer Game Fest and others, plenty of these have already been officially announced.

One that we haven’t had any official word on yet, however, is the long-rumoured PlayStation Showcase. Earlier this month, journalist Jeff Grubb stated that Sony had an event planned for sometime before the Summer Game Fest, which is set for June 8, and now, Grubb has narrowed down that window further.

In a recent episode of his Giant Bomb podcast Game Mess Mornings, Grubb said that the PlayStation Showcase event is likely going to happen in May, though there’s a chance that it ends up getting pushed until “very, very early” June.

“I would probably safely say that’s May at this point, but in general I’m going to continue saying before Summer Game Fest, because that’s just the safest way of doing it,” Grubb said. “But yes, May, maybe very, very early June; that seems like the right time to get that PlayStation Showcase.”

What the event will entail remains to be seen, but Grubb has previously claimed that it’s set to be a “massive” showcase that will “set up the second phase of the PS5”.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is seemingly due out in September, while Naughty Dog has said that it intends to share more details on its standalone multiplayer The Last of Us game this year, so it’s very likely that those two, at the very least, will be part of the PlayStation Showcase lineup.