The King of Fighters 15 Demo Available for PS4 and PS5

It includes 15 playable fighters, like Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui and Iori Yagami, and offline Versus and Training modes.

SNK has released a demo version of The King of Fighters 15 on PS4 and PS5. It offers 15 popular characters from the base game and two modes – offline Versus and Training. If you’ve been on the fence about the fighter, jump into the demo and sample the mechanics.

Playable fighters include Heidern, Chizuru, Mai, Kula, Athena, Ryo, Terry Bogard, Isla, Shun’ei, Meitenkun, Benimaru, Dolores, Kyo, Iori and Chris. Overall, a solid mix of new and classic fighters, each with their unique play styles. However, there are some caveats – save data from the demo can’t be transferred to the full game.

The demo’s content is also “subject to change without notice,” so don’t get too invested. The King of Fighters 15 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can check out our review here. It’s received several DLC fighters since launch, with Kim Kaphwan being the latest as part of Season 2. Sylvie Paula Paula and Najd are next this Summer, while Goenitz also arrives as a free fighter.