WWE 2K23 Patch Improves AI, Online Stability, Rivalries, and More

However, eight-player online play on Xbox One is disabled due to an issue. Visual Concepts will patch it “as soon as possible.”

A new patch is available for WWE 2K23, addressing several issues with Visual Concepts’ wrestling title. Along with polishing several Superstars, Damage CTRL finally get an entrance, making things less awkward when trying to get the entire faction out.

The AI has also seen improvements. They’ll go for pin attempts less frequently, perform Rebound attacks and Signature Moves more reliably, and more. Oddly enough, the Southern Lights Suplex is now called the JokerPlex.

Online match stability is also improved, and the experience when joining a session and downloading/uploading Community Creations should also be better. Unfortunately, online play for eight players on Xbox One is temporarily disabled due to an issue. The developer is testing fixes and will address it in a patch “as soon as possible.”

Check out the full patch notes below for more details. WWE 2K23 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.



  • Added entrance for Damage CTRL stable
  • Polish updates for several Superstars


  • Implemented various AI improvements
  • Decreased frequency of AI pin attempts to address player feedback
  • Improved AI’s ability to perform Rebound attacks, particularly Signature moves
  • Renamed Southern Lights Suplex to JokerPlex
  • Increased effectiveness of Dodge Tendency AI Attribute
  • Improved AI logic for performing Corner Charged attacks
  • Addressed reported concern in Royal Rumble where characters could roll through the ropes during a reversal
  • Addressed reported concern regarding an instance where AI was prevented from performing their
  • Secondary Signature if it used the same position as the Primary Signature
  • Removed limitation in WarGames which prevented diving from the top of the cage to an opponent laying on a table.
  • Added UI to help clarify when a player is swapping control to a different teammate in WarGames and Normal Tag Team matches


  • Improved stability in online matches.
  • Improved overall experience when joining a session or accepting an invite.
  • Improved overall experience with Community Creations uploads and downloads.
  • Superstars will now show as Eliminated in all online elimination style matches.
  • Due to reported concerns of an issue that may occur during online play, we have temporarily disabled 8-player online on Xbox One only. We are currently testing fixes and will release a patch as soon as possible.


  • Improved overall stability in all multiple Create modes
  • Improved stability in CAS when creating a CAS character with maximum number of parts and during long long creation sessions
  • Addressed reported concerns of Creations related achievements not being awarded properly


  • Improved stability of Rivalries and Rivalry outcomes
  • Improved matchmaking logic
  • Improved overall Universe stability
  • Addressed reported concerns related to post-match cutscenes playing after disqualifications.


  • Allow GMs to set Triple Threat and Fatal Four Way matches as Title Matches.
  • Improved stability when purchasing multiple Power Cards and addressed reported concerns related to timing of when certain Power Cards can be activated.
  • Improved stability when progressing through later seasons and selecting Keepers.
  • Addressed reported concerns with Journal entries not appearing correctly.
  • Improved Drama functionality in early weeks.
  • Improved Season Ranking display consistency.


  • Badges activated in Quickplay
  • Addressed reported concerns related to general stability


  • Addressed reported concerns in The Lock’s “Faction Forming” and The Legacy’s “Make Your (Brief)Case”
  • Storylines where a “Front Running Grapple” Objective may have failed to complete
  • Addressed reported concern related to story flow in “The Legacy” that caused players to end up in the
  • Dynamic HUB with no Storylines to play. The flow was from Choosing to “Turn on Ava” and then starting the “A Good Inv-EST-ment” storyline” Note this will only address this reported concern in future save slots.