Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Receives Gorgeous Screenshots, Dynamic Weather Confirmed

Hong Kong Island has over 600 kilometers of road to explore, with a realistic day/night cycle and secret areas to discover.

KT Racing revealed some new details about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, its new open-world racing title out in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the latest screenshots, showcasing the in-game Hong Kong Island in gorgeous detail.

Don’t let its looks deceive you, though. The 1:1 scale island offers a “varied and intense driving experience” to the extent that your first car might not be able to handle everything. Nevertheless, you can still explore its diverse range of environments, from off-road trails in the mountains to older towns and vast highways. There are also secret areas via routes that aren’t “always” on the map.

The developer also confirmed dynamic weather and time of day, which can impact your car’s performance. “You can go from a sunny ride at dawn to a long night-time drive under stormy skies. Rain has a significant impact on the behavior of your car: you will need to adapt your driving to avoid unexpected skids and maybe change your tires and gear ratios.

“Don’t forget to turn on your windscreen wipers while waiting for the sun to come back out so you can put the top down again! The day/night cycle is also realistic with distinct phases for dawn, day, evening and night.” Overall, there are over 600 kilometers of roads to explore, though some changes are made to “emphasize and smooth driving.”

As creative director Alain Jarniou reveals, the urban network required “some small adjustments because of certain little streets that were very (too?) narrow. Conversely, some light redesign was done to the major thoroughfares to make them more fun and adapted to very fast cars, while respecting the identity of Hong Kong Island.”

Some walking and hiking paths were also converted into “small mountain roads that a car can use.” In terms of scale, Jarniou says it will take time for the island to “give up all its secrets,” so be ready for the long haul.

Stay tuned for more details and updates on Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown in the coming months.

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
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