XDefiant Post-Launch Support: New Season Every 3 Months, and Here’s What’s to Expect

With Ubisoft’s XDefiant being a free-to-play game, it’s natural to expect the usual content drops with season content and Battle Passes. Well, we now have a better understanding of the XDefiant post-launch support straight from Ubisoft.

As part of a press event MP1st attended for XDefiant, the studio revealed that players will be getting a new season every three months! In the presentation, Cece Smith, Live Operations Associate Director for XDefiant explained what each season will bring.

Every three months, we’ll bring a new season that includes a brand new faction with new characters, new maps, new weapons, a new battle pass, new cosmetics and events. Listening to our community and always being transparent will remain our priority. Plus on-going live support will deliver new seasonal events and balance updates.

Here’s a list of what each new season of XDefiant will bring:

Battle Pass

Every season will come with a new Battle Pass.

XDefiant Launch Content:


XDefiant Faction List
  • Cleaners – Pyro Technicians  (The Division)
  • Echelon – Super Spies (Splintercell)
  • Libertad – Freedom Fighters (Far Cry 6)
  • Phantoms – Future Soldiers (Ghost Recon Phantoms)
  • Dedsec – Cyber Attackers (Watch Dogs)


XDefiant Map List

In total, there are 14 maps planned for launch, with 10 of those being arena-based and 4 of them linear.

  • Arena
  • Attica Heights
  • Dumbo
  • Echelon HQ
  • Emporium
  • Liberty
  • Mayday
  • Meltdown
  • Midway
  • Nudleplex
  • Pueblito
  • Showtime
  • Times Square
  • Zoo

Game Modes

Arena Modes

  • Domination – Take and hold the three Capture Zones to earn more points than the opposing team.
  • Occupy – Take and control a single Capture Zone that changes location during the match.
  • Hot Shot – Collect Bounties from fallen enemies. The player with the most becomes the Hot Shot — better, faster, more deadly.

Linear Modes

  • Escort – Escort a payload to a delivery point as attackers, or prevent the opponents from doing so as defenders.
  • Zone Control – Attack or defend the Capture Zone.

Ranked Play and a Practice mode are also confirmed.

Weapons and Attachments

XDefiant Weapon List

In total, there will be 24 weapons with 44 attachments (per weapon) available at launch. Below you’ll find all the available weapons.

Assault Weapons 

  • M4A1 – This full-auto M16 variant is a solid all-rounder with minimal recoil, so it’s easy to put multiple shots on target.
  • AK-47 – The AK-47 is a challenging weapon to use and combines best-in-class damage with a low rate of fire and relatively poor handling. At longer ranges, only skilled hands and burst fire can tame its recoil.
  • M16A4 – A burst-fire assault rifle that’s easy to wield but tricky to master, the M16A4 excels at long-range engagement —  although skilled shooters can aim its bursts to great effect for up-close skills.
  • ACR 6.8 – The ACR 6.8 is a great pick for those who like to engage at longer ranges and offers a good mix of damage and handling. Watch out for horizontal recoil.


  • MP5A2 – All SMGs excel at close-range battles, but if you want something more flexible, the MP5A2 is best-in-class for medium-range effectiveness.
  • Vector .45 ACP – A high-risk, high-reward pick with an insane rate of fire and damage potential. Handling is tough, so you’ll need to get up close. Keep an eye on your ammo count because it goes fast.
  • P90 – A well-rounded SMG. The P90 hits harder than the MP7, is easier to control than the Vector, and has the largest default magazine capacity.
  • MP7 – The quick-handling, high-rate-of-fire MP7 is ideal for flankers who want to get in close and unload a hail of bullets.


  • M870 – Extreme stopping power, good mobility, and the low rate of fire you expect from a pump-action shotgun. Get up close and don’t miss.
  • Double Barrel – Packs a punch even at long range, but that reward comes with risks. It holds just two shells, and it’s easy to fire them quickly in the heat of the moment. Make ’em count; reloading is not a fast process.
  • AA-12 – The full-auto AA-12 shotgun may be a handful, but nothing clears a room faster. Hopefully the threats are gone when it’s time to reload


  • M249 – This versatile light machine gun can accept both belt-fed and box magazines, offering the choice between large ammo capacity or improved mobility and reload times.
  • RPK-74 – Like the M60, the RPK-74 hits hard. It’s your pick if you want to deliver fully auto damage at long range without sacrificing much move speed or reload time. Recoil can be a handful.
  • M60 – This hard-hitting LMG can mow down groups of enemies with its 100-round magazine, but the tradeoff is slow movement speed and reloads that last an eternity.


  • MK 20 SSR – This semi-auto cousin of the ACR rewards accurate players with good mobility and headshot potential. Straddles the gap between assault rifle handling and sniper rifle lethality.
  • SVD – Think of the SVD as a lightweight sniper rifle. It’s more mobile, has a higher rate of fire, and it’s easier to put multiple shots on a target, but then it also takes more hits to kill.


  • M44 – The bolt-action M44 has been around forever thanks to good range and handling. But modern snipers like the TAC 50 do more damage per shot.
  • TAC-50 – This hard-hitting sniper rifle is one-and-done if you land a body shot. It’s also heavy, with slow aim-down-sights time, low mobility, and major recoil.

Not a bad launch of content if we say so ourselves, and a bulk of this will be available in the closed beta starting today. The number of maps is an impressive amount for a free-to-play experience, and seeing that the game is planning to have seasons, that number, as well as factions and guns, will continue to grow post-launch.

Stay tuned to our interview with the dev team regarding the game hitting the site soon.

XDefiant has no release date set just yet, but will be playable on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.