V Rising – Secrets of Gloomrot Releases on May 17th, New Cinematic Trailer Released

New boss fights, enemy types, a new spell school, two new weapon types, Jewels to craft and a massive new zone await in the free update.

Stunlock Studios has confirmed that its first major content update for V Rising, Secrets of Gloomrot, will arrive on May 17th. It will be free for all players and add a new zone with two new unique areas while revamping the current world with new points of interest. Check out the first cinematic trailer below.

Other content includes new weather hazards like Gloomrot’s lightning and the Cursed Forest’s poisonous mist. You’ll also find new trade hubs with NPC merchants, 13 new bosses, 30 new enemy types, and revamped magic. A new spell school, Storm, is also coming in addition to the Greatsword and Dual Pistols as new weapons.

Combat is expanding further with Legendary weapons and craftable Jewels to tailor spells to your style. Those keen on building can now raise castles with multiple floors and create new gardens, stairways and whatnot. New crafting stations like Leatherworking and Jewelcrafter’s Stations, the Fabricator and Legendary Forge are also coming.

Stay tuned for more details on Secrets of Gloomrot in the coming weeks. V Rising is currently available for Steam Early Access via PC and has sold over 2.5 million copies.