Wartales Exits Early Access, 1.0 Release Now Available on PC

The medieval tactical RPG sees a band of mercenaries wandering a plague-affected world and taking on jobs of varying morality.

Shiro Games’ gritty tactical RPG Wartales has left Steam Early Access, and its 1.0 update is now available for all PC players. On top of all the other content added since its December 2021 early access launch, it’s received a new region, Alazar, which faces a new plague.

Additional story content has been added, and the entire game now has English voice acting. Along with a new Elite and arena, there’s a new Tomb of the Ancients in Vetrue to explore, which contains a “special enemy.” Don’t worry – you can bolster your party with snow wolves and bears, and the level cap is now 12. There are also Braveries, 12 new skills that are available once per character in a round.

A new difficulty is available in the Arenas, and Professions have been rebalanced so that the last level takes less time to unlock. The Alchemist also got some quality-of-life changes like purchasing oil recipes with krowns, fewer random effects, brand new recipes and much more.