Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Coins: King of the Arcade is Available Now on Xbox

Are you a fan of retro gaming, the golden era of pixel art, and some of the most memorable arcade games in history? If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours reminiscing about the good old days of joystick adventures. Well, my fellow arcade enthusiasts, the time has come to step into a neon-lit, retro-inspired world with King of the Arcade, a nostalgic gaming experience that pays homage to the vibrant and unforgettable classics.

KoA titled key art

In King of the Arcade, you’ll take on the role of Mac McCormick, a former arcade champion who’s seen better days. Now, Mac faces his greatest challenge yet: saving Castle’s Arcade from a hostile takeover by the heartless landlord, Jimmy Joysticks, and his gang of seven arcade goons. It’s up to you to help Mac reclaim his title and protect the beloved arcade from falling into the wrong hands.

KoA characters

With over 40 games spanning multiple genres, you’ll be treated to hours of retro-inspired entertainment. Get ready to dive into classics like Retro InvadersAfter School Beat DownVirtual EnforcersSpace Ravager, Shotgun Princess, High-Speed Racing, and many more. King of the Arcade offers a truly immersive arcade experience that channels the spirit of the 80s in all its pixelated glory.

KoA space invaders

But it’s not just about the games—King of the Arcade also boasts an engaging open-world arcade environment for you to explore. Battle Jimmy’s goons in epic boss fights, and defend your turf as you work your way back to the top. With eye-catching, 80s-inspired visuals, an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack, and non-stop arcade action, King of the Arcade is the ultimate trip down memory lane.

KoA racing game shot

So, dust off that arcade controller and prepare to experience the excitement of the 80s in this vibrant, neon-lit tribute. The arcade needs you, and it’s time to show Jimmy Joysticks who’s boss. Are you ready to reclaim your throne and become the King of the Arcade once again?

KoA screenshot