Ghostwire: Tokyo Out Now on Xbox Series X/S Alongside Spider’s Thread Update

Alongside its Xbox release, Ghostwire: Tokyo now also has gotten its latest update, adding new content to the game.

Developer Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda have released a new trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s latest update, titled Spider’s Thread. The update brings a new game mode to the game that essentially acts as a series of combat arenas for players to test their prowess in the game.

The update also brings with it new maps, missions, and an attempt at making the combat deeper with the addition of new powers and enemies. It also features new talismans and collectibles to encourage players to revisit the game’s depiction of Tokyo. The update is available now for Ghostwire: Tokyo across all platforms.

The Spider’s Thread update for Ghostwire: Tokyo neatly coincides with the game’s launch on Xbox Series X/S, as well as its arrival on PC and Xbox Game Pass. Features of the update were revealed back in March alongside the game’s Xbox release date.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was originally released in March 2022 on PC and PS5. The first-person action-adventure game is set in the city of Tokyo where its citizens have disappeared. Players take on the role of Akito as they attempt to find out what’s happening.