Afterlife VR is Coming to PlayStation VR2 on April 19

Check out the new release date for PlayStation VR2 horror title Afterlife VR in its newest trailer.

Publisher Perp Games and developer Split Light have announced that VR-based horror game Afterlife VR is coming to PlayStation VR2 on April 19. The companies have released a new trailer for the game announcing its PSVR2 release date, which you can check out below.

Along with announcing the PlayStation VR2 release date for Afterlife VR, the trailer also gives us a glimpse at some of the title’s gameplay, which will involve the player having to explore the seemingly-haunted Black Rose mental asylum as they avoid or fight off various spooky enemies.

Players will have to make use of the environments and different weapons to fight off against insane inmates and staff members of the Black Rose mental hospital, as well as go around solving puzzles to be able to explore more of the hospital.

Players are put in the shoes of rookie police officer Adam Bernhard who gets a call to investigate the Black Rose mental hospital on a night patrol. The protagonist has a personal stake in the investigation, since his younger sister, Allison, was also sent to the mental hospital recently.