Dreams is Ending Support on September 1, Media Molecule Working on a New Project

Media Molecule won’t be releasing any new content updates for Dreams past September 1, though players will still be able to play, create, and share.

Media Molecule’s massive creation toolset Dreams may not have enjoyed the sort of widespread mainstream critical success that other PlayStation first party hits like God of War, Horizon, and Ghost of Tsushima have in recent years, but though it has ultimately proven to be a relatively niche product, it’s also been widely adored and heavily played by its community. However, it seems like it’s approaching the end of its journey soon.

Media Molecule has announced that it is ending support for Dreams later this year, on September 1, which will be over three and a half years on from the game’s launch. The studio is shifting focus to a new project, and has decided to go all-in on it, rather than dividing attention across continued support for Dreams and the production of a new game.

What does this mean for Dreams in precise terms. The game will continue to receive updates between now and September 1, but past that date, Media Molecule will not be releasing any new content for the game. The game itself will still remain online though, so players will be able to play and continue to share new creations with each other.

“We’re very proud of Dreams and grateful for the way you, the community, have embraced all it has to offer,” the developer explains. “Whilst we’ve always had the desire to build on the foundation of Dreams and expand the experience, when reviewing our plans we were not able to define a sustainable path. We made the decision to change the studio product strategy. This is obviously disappointing to many people inside and outside of Mm, however we are incredibly excited for what will come next.”

And what is the LittleBigPlanet and Dreams studio working on next? While Media Molecule is reluctant to share details just yet, it confirms that its next project isn’t going to be connected to the Dreams IP