Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Coruscant is Not an Open-World Location

Electronic Arts’ Andy McNamara does note that the sequel has “amazing planets to explore and our biggest environments to date.”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor received its final gameplay trailer recently, highlighting the story and the struggles of Cal Kestis against the Galactic Empire. It showcased sleek combat and gorgeous environments, including Coruscant, the Empire’s capital. The planet is massive, but like all the others in the sequel, it’s not an open-world location.

Andy McNamara, EA’s global director of integrated communications for shooters and Star Wars, responded to a recent news story about Coruscant being a “freely explorable open world.” “To be clear, Stig [Asmussen] never claimed Coruscant was a ‘freely explorable open world.’ He only confirmed it as one of the destinations in the game. Survivor has amazing planets to explore and our biggest environments to date, but wanted to be clear on what was said.”

So while you can’t freely fly around or attack Imperial Stormtroopers on sight, Coruscant will feature plenty of unique activities and secrets to discover. This lines up with design director Jeff Magers’ statement about it being a “good deal bigger” than Jedi: Fallen Order. Since it’s also probably where Cal makes a “dangerous deal” with an Imperial senator, it should be interesting to see how things shake out.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out on April 28th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.