Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch File Sizes Revealed

The entire bundle collectively will require 5.7 GB of free storage space, with the largest game being Final Fantasy 6 at 1.3 GB.

While the wait for Final Fantasy 16 continues, fans of the franchise on Switch and PlayStation will soon have the opportunity to go back to some of its earliest entries with the looming launch of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Ahead of its release, courtesy of updated Switch eShop pages, the file sizes of each of the games on Nintendo’s platform have also been revealed.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, i.e. the whole collection altogether, will require 5.7 GB of free storage space, which is pretty modest (unsurprisingly), while storage requirements for each individual game are even less demanding, with Final Fantasy 2 being the smallest of the lot and Final Fantasy 6 the biggest.

Final Fantasy 1 will require 612 MB, Final Fantasy 2 will require 601 MB, Final Fantasy 3 and 4 will both require 734 MB each, Final Fantasy 5 will require 974 MB, and Final Fantasy 6 will require 1.3 GB.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PS4 on April 19. It is also available on PC, iOS, and Android. If you’re waiting for it to eventually also release for Xbox, based on recent developments, we’d advise you to not hold your breath.