Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct Will Run for About 2 Hours – Rumor

The Xbox Games Showcase could run for about 90 minutes (like last year), while the Starfield Direct lasts about 30 minutes.

June is pivotal for many publishers, but perhaps none more so than Microsoft. The Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct will take place on June 11th, showcasing both the future of the company’s first-party offerings and its biggest exclusive this year. How long can viewers expect both to be?

According to leaker @h0x0d on Twitter, the showcase and Direct will run from 10 AM to 12 PM PT on June 11th. Take it with a grain of salt since plans can always change, but Tom Warren of The Verge added, “The Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct is going to be around 2 hours total.” He speculated about 90 minutes for the main showcase and 30 minutes for Starfield.

The Xbox Games Showcase runtime is in line with last year’s show, which was about 95 minutes long. With Bethesda Game Studios keen on showcasing a lot of Starfield, half an hour seems about right. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

Starfield launches on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also be available on day one for Game Pass.